Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Real Life, For Once - Part II

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In my June 3rd posting on this subject, I mentioned that my writing is far removed from real life. Mobsters, spies, con-men, Pinkerton detectives, extortionists ... not me, no way.  But then, once in awhile, real life - even mine - provides material for a story.

This spring, an envelope from 49 years ago came into my hands. It was unopened, addressed in a kindergartener's scraggly handwriting - my own. What could be inside? Why was it never opened? I wrote a story about it that speculated on its journey. When I read it to my Thursday critique group, the response was so positive that I polished it up and submitted it to a local senior newspaper: Northwest Prime Time.  Within hours I received a "Yes" - they'd like to print it, assuming the month's layout will allow it.  If it makes the issue, it'll be my second non-fiction item published.

That's non-fiction 2, fiction 0.  Hmmm ... not a lot of progress for a determined fiction writer.

Anyway, what was in the envelope?  Ahhh ... stay tuned for the story's publication announcement.


Phoenix said...

Hi Steve,

Congratulations on your upcoming publication! I'm sorry I missed that LFP meeting. What an incredible cliffhanger - not knowing what was in the letter.

This is a great website! Thank you!

Steven said...

I finally managed to write the follow-up to this story in a July 20,2013 posting, for anyone who wonders what was in the envelope!